Hillary Demmon

Filmmaker and Media Consultant

Fall Update

This fall has been the season of research. I'm tearing through books at a rapid pace as we continue to write and revise content for the film. Reread some of the Monty biographies, had one hell of a fun time with a psychoanalytic biography Freud wrote about Da Vinci, pored over letters between Freud and Jung (if you're interested in observing professional respect turn to personal admiration turn to bitter spite, I recommend requesting a copy of the Freud/Jung Letters from your local academic library), and now sifting through some of John Huston's (auto)biographical materials. 

It's not all research reading, though. A month or so ago I took a break from Facebook and decided to fill some of the freed up time with novels and memoirs/essays. On the way to a wedding in Indiana, I read Another Insane Devotion: On the Love of Cats and Persons by Peter Trachtenberg (one of Robert's new colleagues) and thoroughly enjoyed it. That's definitely a recommended read. On the way back I read Silence Once Begun by Jesse Ball. The story was engaging on its own, but the form was what really got my interest: straight up (fictional) interview transcripts. Because that's such a big part of my current writing for the film, you can imagine why this was appealing. Around Halloween I reread Mary Shelley's Frankenstein since I had never given it much of a chance while reading it in middle school. Now I am hungrily devouring Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I'll probably be done with it before Thanksgiving, which is in only two days.

The leaves at the park are almost up to the knees these days.

The leaves at the park are almost up to the knees these days.

Family is coming for Thanksgiving. This is the first year we're hosting. Between me and my mother, there will probably be 349 dishes and leftovers for half a year. Tomorrow I pick up the desserts I ordered from local baking standout La Gourmandine. I love having that place in the neighborhood. 

And finally, a heating/cooling system has been installed in my office, so the quality of my work-life is dramatically improving. I am very excited.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!